Managed Hosting Service

While it is not a mandatory requirement that you host with me, if you do there are some additional services I provide that come with it. You probably do not appreciate this but with anything on the web that has a username and password access point is constantly under attack by hackers and networks of computers working on behalf of hackers.

I use a number of security plugins which monitor how the website is being used. Who has logged into it, who has been locked out of the site, whether there is a brute force attack in progress. I get messages from the sites on a special account and monitor what is happening.


I use automated backup software which will back up your site to a location off of the hosting holding up to 6 copies, one per week. So if something goes wrong we can restore one of the last backups.

Update Service

I independently log into sites at least 4 times a year and make sure they are all updated to the latest releases of code. Plugins are used to make sure that the sites are always upgraded, sometimes something may go wrong and manual intervention is required. While on the site I take an independent backup to my local storage. So there are several ways of recovering a site.

Service Monitoring

I use the hosting every day quite intensively. If I detect any issues on the hosting I will contact the hosting company to diagnose the problem and resolve. While shared hosting is generally offered at 99.9% availablilty, the current hosting company has exceeded this. To move up to the next level of hosting VPS or dedicated server can be very expensive. Shared hosting offers the best value. I researched quite a few companies and have experienced some of them directly and left them when the performance falls substantially for whatever reason.

Not all hosting services are the same, many are slower for websites that use CMS (Content Management System). Not only do you need memory for the website to run in, you also need something called MySQL which is a database system. Some shared hosting providers have offered very slow services.

Service Renewal

I move all domain names to my registrar. These are automatically renewed provided the client wants them to remain in force. You do not need to worry about having to deal with multiple suppliers. I look after it for you and send you an invoice to cover hosting renewal and domain name renewal where appropriate.

Your own Control Panel

If you host with Wingrove-Media you have access to your own control panel for your account and can set up and reset email accounts and many other things. So you have complete control. Tutorials are available on how to use this system.

Your right to change

If you subsequently find that you are not happy with the service offered, I will help you to move to a service provider of your choice.

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