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This is a content management based website which uses the WordPress framework. WordPress is used on over 76 million sites around the world. It is an Open Source Content Management System. I have adapted a template and style for Home-Start which is used on these sites. The major benefit of using WordPress from a users point of view is that you can edit the site on line from practically any browser. So irrespective of whether you are Mac, Windows or Linux based you can still edit a site. If you know how to edit a document using something like Microsoft Word and know what a web browser is then you can edit a WordPress website, no special skills are required.

The parent structure and menu supports the following pages:

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Get Support
  • Make a Referral
  • Useful Links
  • Volunteering
  • Fundraising
  • Contact Us
  • News
  • Thank You
  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy

The website has standard text in it which is common to most Home-Start organisations, with the exception of the Privacy page, which you will need to provide to me. Effectively it is a “website in a box”, ready to go. I will ask a series of questions which will allow me to localise the website for your organisation. This includes editing and creating graphics as well as editing text. Once the site is complete it is released to you and you can re-edit the text as you wish. There are no restrictions. It is also possible to add and remove pages from the site. When I release a WordPress site to a client they have full access to all of the WordPress features at Administrator level.

Market your organisation on the News page

The News page is arguably the most important, you can easily add news items to this page as they come up, the site manages these for you.

The Home-Start Lite site is available to all regional Home-Start organisations starting at £220 (one off fee). On completion of the work you own the website. I provide training as well so you can edit and maintain the site. I can help you with hosting and email set up (£60/yr)with unlimited mail boxes each at 10GB, and unlimeted hosting. I also back sites up weekly and encrypt backups in an off hosting location. If you lose your site for any reason, I will recover it from a backup for you. I check the sites four times a year and am on hand if there is a problem with your site.

I am now on my fifth generation site for Home-Start clients, the most recent changes are to support a responsive framework. This means the site is adapted to the device you are viewing it on. The website viewed on an iPad or iPhone looks different to how it might appear on a large screen such as a laptop or desktop PC.

Example sites can be found below, note that some of these sites also requested additional pages and functionality. The simplest method to test the “responsiveness” of any website is to reduce the width of the browser window and force the website to present itself in a narrower window. If the content adapts to the space available, then it is a responsive website and will have layouts for different screen sizes built into it.

Interested? Want to try before you buy? Contact me for more details.

Low cost Acquisition – no minimum term

I can also offer a new website provided you do not currently have one at a monthly cost of £12 per month for 3 years. After 3 years the cost will fall to the standard hosting rate prevailing at the time. Currently it is £5 per month (effective from April 2018).  The new site contains all of the pages defined in the Home-Start Lite site listed above. There are no additional pages included though. I customise the site for your location. You can continue to edit and run the site after it is released. After 3 years, you have effectively paid for the development costs, the site is yours to move elsewhere if you wish. There is no minimum term, it is wholly at my risk, but subject to my agreement to initiate and accept the project. Email is included as well. This offer is exclusively for Home-Start organisations only without a website or domain name. It allows anyone that does not have a site to get online very quickly at minimum cost and exposure. At the cost of four coffees a month!  Contact me for more details.

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