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If you are a local Home-Start organisation and are either looking at putting yourselves on the web, or have had someone helping you and the work is either incomplete or taking too long I may be able to help you. If you have a old site that would benefit from some new clothes and a rework, I can port an old site over to a Home-Start template I have available and build the new site within a WordPress framework. The latest template is based on the premium Divi template from Elegant Themes is described below and immediately available for new sites. I can transfer old sites to a new updated framework, or start with an off the shelf package which includes content as well as the template and graphics. 

Home-Start West Berkshire

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Home-Start Divi Template

A new template which provides many premium features based on the popular Divi (Elegant themes) template is available now (2018). This template has been developed to provide a cleaner and uncluttered more corporate feel. It is likely to be of interest to county-wide Home-Start consortium’s as well as regional offices. Take up has been quite high within my existing client base. This template is available for new sites as well.  

Three approaches

Based on my previous experience there are generally one of three approaches taken for a website. Which one is right for you is dependent on whether you already have a site and are looking to refresh it, or whether you are starting out with nothing more than a desire to have a new site.

Porting an older site to WordPress

If you have an older site and still value the content on the site and wish to retain it and just change the look and feel of the site then I can move your old content into a new framework. If you want to do this, then it is also worth critically looking at your old site and figuring out what parts are worth retaining, what parts need to be dropped, and what additional content you might need. Costs start at £220 and are dependent on the page count as each page is developed separately. Contact me for more details.

Starting with an off the shelf solution

If you do not have a website currently, then the simplest and lowest cost approach is to start with an off the shelf website. I have examples of these that I can install which includes the branding for the parent organisation, the services that the majority of Home-Start’s offer and a standard set of supporting pages. I localise this for your entity. What you end up with is your version of a site that describes the services you provide to the local community. Any of the content can be edited by you, or by me while I am putting the site together. You do not have to accept the words that are in the content. But it is the most efficient way to start with a website if you are new to this. You can continue to develop the platform (add more content and pages) as your needs evolve. Costs start at £220 for a fully featured Home-Start site based on my Home-Start Lite most recent design which is fully responsive (mobile friendly). Contact me for more details.

Customised Build

Here we start with the framework, which in this case is based on the Divi theme which is highly customisable in terms of layout, and the elements you choose to place in the layout. We agree a page count and structure. You provide me with the content and I build the site for you. Because each site is unique in this case this is a more expensive way of getting on the web, however it is tailored precisely to your needs. The best way to think about this approach is I get you started, and from there you can add or edit the site as you see fit. But in this case your content is highly specific to you and your organisation. It is advisable to start with a minimalist approach to keep the page count down until you have established yourself, and then grow the site to meet your evolving needs. This will help to minimise costs.


In all of these three cases I will take account of security on the site and ensure each implementation has a security certificate and runs over https:// (like you bank), and secure communications from the webserver to destination email accounts over encrypted email links. All backups are encrypted as well. I will also add your privacy policy or statement to the website and use a special plugin for cookies acceptance on your website. These are all included.

Example Signposting panel from West Berks site

Example from Home-Start Lite home page (signposting boxes)

Example from Home-Start Lite home page (signposting boxes)

Example Sites

The following are example websites for Home-Start organisations. None of these are exactly the same, they all have different customisations such as hidden pages or other information in them requested by the client.

Home-Start Surrey

This site is for a county wide initiative and is aimed at seeking funding on behalf of the Home-Start’s in Surrey and promoting county wide activities. You can visit the site by following this link:  Home-Start Surrey website

Home-Start Hampshire

This site is another county wide site, following the merger of several Home-Start satellite sites into one parent site. In this case each regional entity still has a presence on the parent site so that dialogue may be maintained at the local as well as the county level. Home-Start Hampshire website

Home-Start Barnet

Home-Start Barnet is one of the larger Home-Starts in London. This site is a rebuild of their former site which had been developing organically over several years. We looked at the size and structure of the former site and consolidated it. We placed a structure around the content to group similar content together and redesigned the menu system. This site uses several of the features that are available within the Divi template which make the site particularly mobile friendly.  You can find the site here: Home-Start Barnet

Home-Start Watford

The latest Home-Start site that uses the Divi template is Home-Start Watford. This site features filtered news feeds as well. The aggregated news is available on the news page, a summary of the last six items is on the Home page, and there are filtered news views showing just Fundraising or just Events for those respective pages. The site can be located here: http://home-startwatford.org.uk

The following are a selection of other Home-Start sites I have built based on the Divi template

Click on one of the following links below to visit the websites. I have built over 50 Home-Start websites over the past 8 years, and currently look after 35 of them, many are now on their third generation site. Each link below will open in a new window. Close it to return to this page.

Home-Start West BerkshireHome-Start Surrey HeathHome-Start SpelthorneHome-Start Ealing,  Home-Start LisburnHome-Start CarmarthenshireHome-Start Cheshire


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