Home-Start Private Offer

Special offer for March 2016

First 5 applicants only

A Home-Start “Lite” website localised for your branch office which describes the services you offer to the community. The website follows the design and description on this page: https://wingrove-media.com/home-start/ at zero cost.

I will waive the development fee for the first 5 applicants to this offer provided they meet the terms and conditions below. I anticipate that this will help groups that would like a website but cannot afford the costs associated with getting on the web.

Why is there an offer?

Over the course of the past 8 months several Home-Starts have folded or consolidated due to a lack of funding from traditional sources such as local government. I have been a long time supporter of Home-Start through my work assisting charities across the UK. As some of the sites I have created have also been closed due to the local office closing this means there is one less presence promoting Home-Start on the Internet. I, like everyone else can see the funding deficit affecting many charitable groups across the UK particularly where the operational costs were met in whole or part by local authorities. Much as I love building websites I cannot do this completely for free, but I can make it easier for people compared to other ways of getting on the web.

Where is the catch?

  • No contract, entirely at my risk. If I localise a site for you and you decide you do not want to go ahead you can withdraw. If you wish to proceed you pay a hosting fee of £8/ month which includes email and the hosting for the website.
  • At the point you stop paying the monthly fee the website and email services will be removed.
  • How long for? As long as you host with me I will provide services to you at £8/ month. If I cease to offer this service, or have a reason for increasing the monthly fee I will help you move to an independent location.
  • I will localise the site for you by editing location details and setting up the hosting, so this is a turn key project.
  • In order to place you on the web I need to obtain a domain name. I do this on your behalf. There is a cost associated with this which I will pass to you. The set up fee is £10 for the first year. You retain the rights to your domain name should you decide to cancel.
  • You are not restricted in any way in terms of developing content on your website and can add more content to it or remove content and edit the text.
  • While you are on this scheme you cannot move the website to another location.
  • You do not “own” the website unless you choose to pay for the development costs (£140).

Terms and Conditions

  • You must be a regional office under the Home-Start UK scheme and recognised by Home-Start UK.
  • You do not currently have a website and would like to explore having one at a minimum risk to yourselves and your organisation.
  • You pay £10 (domain name registration fee) and £8 for the first month. Subsequent months you pay £8 per month through a standing order.
  • There is no exit fee or early termination fee.
  • You advise me that you wish to leave the scheme and then cancel any orders that have been set up.
  • If you wish to acquire the website for your organisation either now or later you may do so on paying a fee covering my time in developing the site for you (£140).
  • You will need to answer some questions about your location to help me to localise the site for you.
  • The offer is provided on the same terms as the hosting provider I use. The website is located on shared server in a reseller account which I control.
  • If you choose to pay £140 to cover the development costs of the website the monthly hosting charge will fall to £4/ month (paid annually in advance) or whatever is prevailing at the time.
  • This offer is made subject to the first 5 successful applicants meeting the terms and conditions. After that time the offer may be withdrawn.
  • Wingrove Media reserves the right to terminate this offer if there is not sufficient interest.
  • A support site is provided at wingrove-services.co.uk. A password will be issued to allow you to access support videos and other password protected advice and guidance.
  • My liability to you is limited to the payments you have made to me.
  • Your liability to me is to pay the monthly fee and the set up charge. Additionally you agree to take security precautions within your organisation to prevent your website or email accounts being hacked by third parties.


Q: How easy is it to edit a WordPress website?

A: If you know how to use a browser and how to use MS Word or any other word processor then you already have the skills for editing.

Q; What happens if I need more pages?

A: You can add pages to the site. If you have some specific requirements you wish to achieve it may be more cost effective to base your site on the Home-Start Lite and pay for it along with the additional time to add the extra content in if you want me to do it for you. This offer is really about the most efficient way I can help people get onto the internet.

Q: How many email addresses can I have?

A: 10, you can set these up and administer them. Or I can set them up for you.

Q: Who owns the website?

A: While you are in this scheme I own the content within the website and retain ownership rights to it. (Copyright holders acknowledged). You can acquire the site for your organisation and lower the monthly hosting fee if you wish. You can do that at any time.


Please contact me to register your interest.


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