I need a website

Yes, you probably do, but having a website is not the whole answer. Do you have someone to drive it?

The dilemma is that some people just want a website, if I did not ask the right questions, what they would end up with is a website, but it would not do much, and would rapidly get out of date. Within your organisation you need to have some people that are willing to get involved. Both from the point of view of understanding what can be achieved with a site and also the editing and maintenance side. Do not place yourself in the hands of a developer that does not engage in an interactive conversation about your needs. Equally don’t trust every answer you get back, dig a little deeper.

There are two elements to having an online presence that is successful:

The Website + The People to drive it

This is often a reason why some organisations procrastinate, knowing that they need a website but don’t know who is going to lead it or drive it.

Here is a checklist of what you need and don’t need:


  • Someone that has used Word Press before – No
  • Someone that has used social media before – No
  • Someone that understands websites – No
  • Someone who understands HTML, PHP and MySQL – No
  • Someone who has previously worked in IT – No
  • Someone who understands computers – No
  • Someone who is curious, has an open mind and willing to learn – Yes
  • Someone who knows how to use a Word Processor (MS Word for example) – Yes
  • Someone who knows what a browser is and how to use it – Yes

I work with people every day who are worried about their ability to update a website, many are pensioners and are quite new to computers. In all cases they follow a few simple steps and find out that they can edit a site, add new content, remove content and generally drive the system. It really is not very difficult. Plus you have my services site which has 10 tutorial videos on it available 24 x 7 to remind you of the steps.

However make no mistake here; you don’t need a website, you need a website + people to drive it to help you to make a difference. They do not need special skills.

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