There are a number of different ways Wingrove-Media can help you. The following reflects the typical projects that I handle on a day to day basis.

Site Transfer

If you have an old website that is in need of a facelift, or it is costing you a lot of money to keep it updated, or perhaps you have forgotten how to update your site; then transferring your site to WordPress may be a solution for you. This will give you the opportunity to keep what is valuable from your existing site and bring it up to date in a flexible, and easy to edit framework placing you back in control.

New Sites

If you do not have a website, and are not sure where to start, most of the groups I work with have been in a similar position. By applying a few simple rules it is easy to create a basic extensible framework to allow you get started. You may add pages later as your needs change and adapt, or you can come back to me and I will help you develop the website further. Unless there are special requirements the majority of components used are free, you pay for the development time taken to put the site together and test it.

Off the Shelf Sites

Primarily aimed at supporting selected charities I can offer “out of the box solutions” for Home-Start and NACCC regional charities. These sites respectively describe the organisations in a generic way and each is customised and localised for the region where the charity is operating. This is a very cost efficient way of getting your organisation on the web quickly. Often within a day. This concept is also available to other charities that operate regional offices through out the UK. Contact me to find out more. Off the shelf sites can start as low as £140 and contain everything you need to get started.

Managed Hosting

Part of the package available includes hosting for the website and email. This provides a turnkey solution for most people that do not want to be responsible for setting up their own sites and email. I offer high performance hosting that is suitable for WordPress websites. All sites are checked periodically and report back to a central email address on activity and security messages. All sites are backed up once per week.

DIY WordPress

Not everyone is looking for someone to build a site. I will also host self build sites. The way this works is I provide a block of hosting and install WordPress and then you can run from there. This minimises your ongoing costs to just the hosting annual fee. One such example is here: I also provide access to my services site as well. So you are not completely on your own.

Want to find out more? Contact me.

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