This site is primarily aimed at the Third Sector: Charities, CIC’s, CIO’s, Not for Profit groups and local or regional charities throughout the UK.

My clients include village associations, youth clubs, environmental interest groups, community radio stations, community transport organisations, parish councils and religious groups.

The local charities I support include around 40 Home-Start regional offices throughout the UK and 20 NACCC Child Contact Centres. I also provide solutions to a few small businesses. I have built over 130 websites over the past 4 years; specialising in helping charitable or not for profit organisations. 

Navigating the Maze

If you have decided to either look for a new website, or are considering redeveloping your existing website then you will be familiar with some of the potentially high costs involved. Some commercial companies will charge over £1000 for a small website, and charge more than £100 a year to host it. This can represent a barrier to entry to many organisations. You may have the added problem that nobody in your organisation knows anything about web design, development, maintenance, hosting and email. Can you even specify what you need? Will it meet all of your requirements? In addition to the initial expenditure are there any potential unknown costs after the site has been delivered? Who is going to edit it? If you go back to the developer, some charge £70/hr.

In a Nutshell

If you want to be in control of your site, manage it, and edit it without any special tools, then WordPress as an open source solution may be worth considering. The costs associated with hosting and the development of the site are not very high, and maintenance and updating can be managed at little to no additional cost. All editing is done through a web browser, if you know what a web browser is, and you know what a Word Processor is (e.g. Microsoft Word) then you already have the skills to edit your site.

I also provide access to a services website where there is a lot of information on editing sites including video tutorials, and articles about how to set up mail, how to troubleshoot problems and ideas on saving costs and fundraising through your site. This resource is available 24 x 7 online. So like the majority of my client base, you do not need to be an expert, just keep an open mind, and take each step at a time, initially guided, but eventually you will find that much of the world of the web and small office IT runs like a utility. It does not need constant attention.

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