The following is a sample of the various sites I have developed and where you can locate them. I have included some of the design goals in the description. In each case below the organisation is able to edit the website and change the content on the site, add or remove pages. The people that manage these sites had no special skills, and in most cases were convinced that they could not manage their own sites. My goal was to prove them wrong. With a little help and support each was able to take control of their site.


Risborough Community Centre

This is a replacement site for Risborough Community Centre. The site describes the facilities in a lot of detail providing pretty much everything a potential hirer may wish to know. On this site I took most of the photography and used some of it to build the site and I also made the original images available to the client for use in printed materials as well as on the site.

This site is a hybrid between a free template (Spacious) and a premium graphical layout tool called Divi Builder. Specialised animated layouts are used on the some pages of this site, notably the home page, and news and events, and the events only pages.

The site is organised to show several news feeds, one being everything relating to the site, the other is just the events, or a filtered view of the news.

The site has been designed to allow the client to add hall hirers into the site so that they can have their own web pages to advertise their services. The page can be linked to the timetable entry and other entries on the site. This allows the client to promote Community Centre activities, and if they choose to do so make a small charge for allowing the service provider to have a page on their website.

You can visit the site here:  Risborough Community Centre


Home-Start Watford

This is a second generation site I have built for Home-Start Watford. This site is based on the Elegant Themes Divi template which provides a lot of flexibility in layout and features. It is one of the most popular premium templates available.  The site features a news feed on the front page so people can land and see what is going on with the last six items on there. There is extensive information about the organisation and the people within it. Of all of the Home-Start organisations I interact with this one is one of the most dynamic. There is always something new going on in this organisation. Images are mostly sourced from the Home-Start library of images to provide consistency across Home-Start sites.

The site layout is based on a multi column layout on most pages. These collapse into two or a single column for mobile devices so that the user can still access the information and interact with the site. The menu structure is designed to be intuitive following a logical relationship to the parent items in each heading. A secondary menu (orange strip at the top) provides access to specific initiatives offered by Home-Start Watford.

The News page contains ALL news, and the events page contains just those news items that are associated with events. It effectively filters through the news to bring the content that the visitor is looking for.

You can visit the site here:  Home-Start Watford


Horsewyse CIC

This is the third generation site I have built for Horswyse CIC. The new site was required to refresh the presence of Horsewyse bringing a cleaner fresher look and feel and one that is based on a responsive layout to optimise the site delivery to mobile users. There is a subscriber base associated with this site and an integrated newsletter where clients can be advised when certain events occur, which tend to happen during school holidays. This brings the benefit that you can deliver the news to your client base, and not wait for them to visit you.

The site is split into several areas. Horsewyse provide Equine Learning to assist people with a wide range of disabilities to develop their skills. Part of the website explains the services available and has case studies and testimonials.

Livery is another service the organisation provides to people that looking for somewhere to keep their horses. Another section covers riding and various other activities the centre offers.

This site uses filtering to manage how and where certain classes of news are presented to help the user locate what they are looking for.



You can visit the site here:  Horsewyse CIC

Northaw & Cuffley Parish Council


This site is for a Parish Council. It was based on a former website which needed to be upgraded. The process allowed us to stand back from the old design and analyse the content and re-organise it. It was also an opportunity to redevelop a lot of the content. The site is one of the largest I have produced.

There were some special requirements with the site such as the presentation of notices and information to the public. Some of the messages are in fixed formats, so very simple templates have been created for posts (news items).

Unlike many of the other sites I have created this one uses blog or news pages extensively. The major difference being the pages are filtered based on the categories assigned to posts. For example, Transactions are regular posts that show expenditure above £500. These are assigned the category Transactions, and Finance. There are three locations the same information will be visible. The News page which lists all news or posts. The finance page which lists all news assigned to the Finance category and nothing else. The Transactions page has a narrower filter, only showing Transactions. What this means is the editor does not have to worry about sending the post to a particular page, it all happens automatically. This makes the editing task much simpler which was an important consideration from the start of this project.

Additionally this site uses the search facility to locate information. If the minutes for meetings were attached to the site as scanned copies they would not be searchable. The site records minutes and other documents as text files and as a result of this the site will search for and locate related entries in the contents.

The website uses the Divi template, and many of the features built into the template are visible on the pages in the site.

Because this was a large project with a lot of specialist requirements, templates and training videos have been provided as part of the package to allow local editing on the site.

You can visit the site here:  Northaw and Cuffley Parish Council

Home-Start Essex


Home-Start Essex is a consortium of seven Home-Start regional offices in Essex. The parent site is based on the new Divi Template which provides a very flexible layout on a per page basis. The project has been running since September 2016 and is due to complete in March 2017. The parent site can be located here: Home-Start Essex

This project has been much more complicated than previous projects, one of the recommendations at the start of the project was to retain a local presence for each Home-Start regional office on the basis that these groups had a web presence locally available to their communities, and to remove this might reduce the effectiveness of the organisation as a whole at the county level. Several other countywide consortium’s have not adopted this approach and rolled everything up to the county level.

Volunteers, some sponsors and clients will tend to look locally for a home-start rather than at the county level. The approach taken on this project was to come up with a lower cost clean website template for the regional offices so that all could share a common home page layout. If each entity already had a website, then the balance of their websites were ported to the new platform as well. So there were eight websites created in this project.

At the point where Home-Start Essex begins to operate, they have a corporate site that can focus on seeking funding and raising publicity, and through this site connect to the the rest of the consortium through sites that follow a similar but simpler layout. Each local office still has a local web presence to recruit local volunteers, engage with the community and service clients.

The participating offices are: Home-Start Chelmsford, Home-Start Brentwood, Home-Start Balsildon, Home-start Harlow, Home-Start Maldon, Home-Start Uttlesford, Home-Start Witham, Braintree and Halstead.



Home-Start Surrey

Home-Start Surrey is a consortium of eight Home-Start regional offices in Surrey. Unlike the older Home-Start sites I have created this one uses a new template called Divi which basically provides a blank canvas that you can create your own columns, rows, and there are around 30 different types of content blocks you can add which include icons and animation. The site provides a much cleaner and spacious look and feel. It is optimised for mobile users.

The site also offers a launch point for visitors in Surrey trying to locate their nearest office. A map is generated that lists the regional offices in Surrey allowing a visitor to quickly connect to the appropriate office. The contact form is also designed to support low maintenance allowing users to direct their enquiry to the appropriate office by selecting it from a list.

You can visit the site by following this link: http://homestartsurrey.org


Risborough Area Community Transport

This is a second generation website, I upgraded it to incorporate a responsive template for mobile users. The former site which I built three years ago was not responsive. The new site is also based on the premium divi template and is representative of the types of sites I am building now.

The home page is a launch page introducing the various elements in the site allowing people to quickly navigate to the area of interest. It also incorporates a News Flash box which allows the editors to add the latest information about the operational status of the bus.

The website provides downloadable timetables and route maps and other information for users, there is also a set of pages for drivers.

You can visit the site by following this link: http://racb.co.uk


Gill Hartley

more details to follow shortly.

You can visit the site by following this link: http://www.gillhartley.com


Bradbury House

more details to follow shortly.

You can visit the site by following this link: http://www.bradburyhouse.co.uk


Aylesbury Vale Rape Crisis

more details to follow shortly

You can visit the site by following this link: http://avrc.org.uk


Home-Start Uttlesford

This is a 3rd generation website for Home-Start Uttlesford. I built over 40 Home-Start sites for the regional offices around the country. A variant of this design with fewer pages is available as an off the shelf website for Home-Start organisations. The organisation provides support to the parents of young children based on a volunteer network. It was important to provide an introduction of the services on offer on the home page, and through the rest of the site describe the process for seeking support, as well as seeking volunteers to provide the support and also cover fundraising as well. The site has a form based contact us which captures input directly from the website and sends it into a general email address for processing.

The most recent version of this site features a responsive design which renders the website differently depending on what the screen width is in the browser. This has become a mandatory requirement will all sites in order to make them “mobile friendly”.  You can visit the site by going to here: http://www.homestartuttlesford.org.uk


Parkinsons Amersham and High Wycombe Branch

This website is for the local branch and support group of Parkinson’s UK in the Amersham, High Wycombe and surrounding area of Buckinghamshire. It aims to bring together people with Parkinson’s, their partners and carers along with other family members. The site contains information that aims to improve the well being of everyone in the local area.

The site includes additional menus in the side bars within the site, a subscription based newsletter that runs through the website, a category cloud to help locate tagged information in the news on the site. The colour scheme and layout was chosen to follow the corporate branding of the Parkinson’s UK site.

The site can be located here:  http://parkinsonsahw.org.uk/


Chepping Wycombe Parish Council

This is an example of a site that was transferred from an earlier version in order to update it and make it easier to edit. The Parish Clerk edits this site regularly and continues to add downloadable attachments such as meeting notices, meeting agendas and meeting minutes. The site also provides an online library of information relevant to the day to day work of the Parish Council.

The site can be located at http://www.cwpc.org.uk


Wycombe Women’s Aid

Wycombe Women’s Aid website has some unique requirements. Because of the nature of the content and the situation of some of the users it was important to ensure that it was possible to exit the website quickly. Additionally apart from marketing the site to supporters it was important to not have any images on the site that referred to the subject matter of the site.

The site covers all of the service areas offered by the organisation and offers advice to visitors providing a variety of ways in which victims of domestic abuse can contact the organisation.

The site was updated in September 2016 to incorporate the Divi template which has many interactive features built into it as well as animation.

The site can be located at http://www.wycombewomensaid.org.uk


Desi Radio

This is the second generation site I have built for this organisation. The site is about Desi Radio who are based in Southall, Middlesex and are part of the Panjabi Centre charity.

The site provides information about the Panjabi culture through the content on the website and through the radio programs they offer. The site also contains downloadable audio content and a pop out player enabling visitors to access the radio through the internet.

The site includes an event calendar where they can promote Panjabi events to the community, and a news page which contains the latest news from Desi Radio.

Videos are also available on the site. The site also has a comprehensive collection of images in the form of photo albums that can be browsed from the web. In addition to showing images relating to the Panjabi community, it also includes photos of VIPs being interviewed in the studio.

Visit the site: http://www.desiradio.org.uk


Prestwood Village Association

This website is run by a small group of volunteers based in Prestwood, Buckinghamshire. The site has been running for 3 years. In that time a subscriber base has been built which is currently at 870. The site can send out newsletters to the subscribers that summarises the local news for the area on a monthly basis. If something important comes up such as a public survey then an Alert message can be sent out to the community within a few hours.

The site is very popular with over 4000 sites visits a month from a relatively small community. It contains lots of local information including clubs, small businesses and other groups which can be accessed through a Community Directory.

For the past year the local community have been able to comment on the various news items presented on the website. The comments are moderated by the volunteers. This leads to a more interactive and interesting website.

VIsit the site: http://www.prestwoodva.org.uk

 risborough U3A

Risborough U3A

U3A refers to University of the Third Age. There are U3A’s throughout the country. This is an example of a site that was transferred from a bespoke website that very few people could edit easily. The organisation wanted to have more control and spread the editing requirements across the organisation. It is one of the larger sites I have built.

A U3A comprises interest groups. Each group has their own section in the website and this allows them (if they wish) to control their own section. There is global calendar which can be filtered down to each interest group allowing people to see when the next meeting is going to be held, and what subject matter will be presented/ discussed.

The small group of editors that look after this large website are all volunteers working within the organisation.

Visit the site: http://www.risboroughu3a.org.uk


Chiltern Child Contact Centre (NACCC)

Child Contact Centres provide an independent location for a separated parent to visit their children. There are around 300 of these around the UK. These are run under the guidance of the NACCC (National Association of Child Contact Centres). It is an example of one of the “off the shelf” sites I can provide.

Because all Child Contact Centres operated under the NACCC scheme offer the same service it is quite easy to build a site that covers all of these aspects in a generic way. What makes each one unique is the name of the organisation, the location of the organisation, which days meetings are run, and any local information such as addresses, contact details, graphics, photographs and maps.

Because the foundation of each one is common they can be made available at a relatively low cost, and then localised for requirements to provide the unique version for the charity.

Visit the site: http://www.chilternchildcontactcentre.org.uk


Chiltern Dial-a-ride

Chiltern Dial-a-ride offers transportation on demand for a moderately large part of Buckinghamshire. The transport is driven by voluntary drivers and range from days out to scheduled hospital visits.

The website contains forms that allow users or their carers to request a journey through the website. The site covers the range of services provided by the organisation, and has a section seeking supporters in both volunteering and donations.

This site has been upgraded to incorprorate a responsive template to ensure it is mobile friendly for visitors using smart phones and tablet computers.

Visit the site at: http://www.chiltern-dial-a-ride.net



Youth Concern Aylesbury

This site is based on a heavily modified WordPress template to provide a look and feel more appropriate and attractive to the people attending or interested in the services offered through the centre. I did a lot of the photography for this site as well and incorporated it into the site rather than download stock images.

The site covers all of the services provided by Youth Concern and also seeks help from volunteers and supporters through the website.

The home page is designed as a signposting page to help assist people to locate what they need within the site without the need to search for it.

Visit site: http://www.youthconcern,org.uk


Flackwell Heath Community Centre

This site was built by moving content from an older site into a WordPress framework to allow the committee responsible for running the Community Association to manage their own site without being largely dependent on a 3rd party.

The content was then expanded to include more information to make it more useful to people visiting the website. The organisation were familiar with Google Calendar which was used as part of their operation, so it was important to incorporate Google Calendar on the website.

The site now captures key information from people wishing to book the facility including times and dates to streamline the booking process. A visitor can also see what is on, and there is scope to expand this site much further allowing revenue to be generated by offering webspace to some of the clubs and groups that use the facility.

Visit the site: http://www.flackwellheathcommunitycentre.org.uk



Revive the Wye

Revive the Wye falls into a category of environmental interest. I have built several sites around similar themes. The site is targeted at people who have an interest in their local environment, particularly around the River Wye which flows through High Wycombe, Wycombe Marsh, Loudwater, Wooburn Green, Bourne End and the Thames. Historically this river has been important for paper mills in the area, all of which have now disappeared.

They promote ecology and history on the website and encourage the community to participate in keeping the waterway healthy. The site has a large local following. It includes photographs of events, activities and wildlife in the region.

VIsit the site: http://www.revivethewye.org.uk

Another site specialising in a LNR (Local Nature Reserve) can be found here: http://www.hicksfarmwood.org.uk


Family Focus Lincolnshire

Family Focus Lincolnshire is a CIC organisation based in the city of Lincoln. They provide a wide range of family support services. This is another example of a site that was migrated from one platform to WordPress.

The organisation was dependent on a third party to edit the website. The costs were moderately high and the turn around time was not very predictable.

The group received training on editing their website and they are now able to manage this themselves. The site also had additional functionality added as part of the migration to the WordPress framework.

Visit the site: http://www.familyfocuslincolnshire.org.uk


 saffron walden nursery

Saffron Walden Nursery School

Saffron Walden Nursery School needed a presence on the web that would help connect them to parents. The site carries a quick links sidebar enabling parents to locate important information quickly while they research what the organisation offers.

A gallery is included in this site to allow parents to see images of the children playing, this provides the opportunity to see the facilities available.

Potential clients can apply for a place through the website, and comprehensive advice is given on how they operate, and where appropriate how to apply for grants.

The logo was sourced through the organisation, the colours incorporated in the logo and elements in the logo were used to influence the design of the site. This is an example of a modified standard template in WordPress.

Go to the site: http://www.saffronwaldennursery.org.uk



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